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Email marketing is becoming more and more popular, especially over direct mail marketing. Why? Because it is inexpensive, has an immediate delivery, allows consumers to respond right away, and in our fast faced world people are checking their email multiple times a day. As a...

It is becoming a known fact that visual social media posts lead to a higher level of interest and engagement from your followers. However, because this is a growing trend and a well-known fact, a new demand for unique images has developed. Graphic design can...

Good designers have a degree in design, years of experience, technical expertise, and a natural eye for design, but sometimes you may not have the time or resources to hire a designer for your business. I always get asked, how do I learn how to...

Every form of art or design has some kind of element of communication. You know your brand better than anyone, and communicating how you would like your designer to capture the message of your brand can sometimes be frustrating. When working with a designer often...