Recent Work

University of Nevada, Reno T-Shirt Graphic. This graphic is a one color, bold representation of the college and it's location. The star on the shape of the Nevada represents the location of Reno. The focus for this t-shirt is meant to appeal to all students, regardless of gender. The ribbon frames the words "Wolf Pack", which is the college's mascot.

New York is a vibrant cultured city. This painting was recently produced to explore this atmosphere through color and texture. Given as a gift to a close friend, the feminine pinks, purples, and teals that are used not only represent the vibrant city but also the personality of the new owner of the painting.

A spring wedding is the inspiration for this bridal shower invitation. Different floral vectors were created in Adobe Illustrator and then arranged to form a circular floral frame around the title of the card, “Please Join us for a Bridal Shower”. The European infinity symbol was illustrated and placed in the design as an added embellishment to represent the couple’s heritage.