Recent Work

University of Nevada, Reno T-Shirt Graphic. This graphic is a one color, bold representation of the college and it's location. The star on the shape of the Nevada represents the location of Reno. The focus for this t-shirt is meant to appeal to all students, regardless of gender. The ribbon frames the words "Wolf Pack", which is the college's mascot.

New York is a vibrant cultured city. This painting was recently produced to explore this atmosphere through color and texture. Given as a gift to a close friend, the feminine pinks, purples, and teals that are used not only represent the vibrant city but also the personality of the new owner of the painting.

A spring wedding is the inspiration for this bridal shower invitation. Different floral vectors were created in Adobe Illustrator and then arranged to form a circular floral frame around the title of the card, “Please Join us for a Bridal Shower”. A simple slab serif typeface, St. Marie Thin, was used to introduce the words “Bridal Shower”. The script font, Invitation Script, was outlined and modified so that the ascenders fell lower than the capital letters for better readability. The European infinity symbol was illustrated and placed in the design as an added embellishment to represent the couple’s heritage.